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Give the gift of healthy habits

A yoga class is an excellent gift for someone who would like to start with practicing yoga yet doesn't know how to. Likely he/she would like to feel safe, ask questions and be seen & heard. 

The holder of the gift card will learn:

  • Which yoga style is most suitable for her/him
  • Why one should be cautious with practicing yoga?
  • How often should one practice yoga to see a change?
  • Is it necessary to become spiritual once you practice yoga?
  • How does yoga really impact both body and mind?

Additionally a personalized yoga practice that meets the level and the needs of the gift receiver.

A perfect gift for your loved one or a friend that you care for and whose health matters to you.

Fill out the form below with the name of the gift receiver, so that I can send you the gift card directly to your home address.

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